Blog › Series Digital Joins End Point

by Jonathan Blessing

I’ve come to believe that the company we keep matters most — that the people with whom we make software matters as least as much as the software itself. (At least, within reason. Which is to say, I’m excluding evildoing, and the like! Think: xkcd 493)

For about seven years, I’ve known the management of End Point, Rick, Ben, and Jon. And, it is because of who they are that I decided to bring Series Digital to End Point. Intellectual honesty and old fashioned decency. The technical competence of the firm is the plump cherry atop it all.

Series Digital is officially with End Point. And, however proud I am for what we bring, I’m yet more excited about what we’ll do together.

End Point’s reputation has been built upon its excellence in e-commerce, managed infrastructure, and database support. We are excited by the addition of Series Digital, which both deepens those abilities, and allows us to offer new services.