Series Digital Joins End Point

I’ve come to believe that the company we keep matters most — that the people with whom we make software matters as least as much as the software itself. (At least, within reason. Which is to say, I’m excluding evildoing, and the like! Think: xkcd...

Jonathan Blessing | Jun 6

Balancing Act: A Micro Memoir On Going Agile

For most of our nearly ten years, Series Digital has practiced something resembling the Waterfall method of software development. However unfashionable, Waterfall allowed us to work successfully with non-technical clients, clients for whom budget...

Belle Guttman | Jan 23
Development   Case Studies  

Separate and Not Equal: Development Environments to Support People, Process, and Automation

I believe in the separation of software environments for the long term peace and prosperity of developers, product owners, and users. Ideally, there’s a dedicated environment purpose-built to support each community: the developers, the testers, the...

Dylan Wooters | Jan 18

8 Simple Steps to Saner Software Development

While these might seem obvious for seasoned developers, many projects, especially legacy software, still fail to follow most of the steps below.

In future posts, I’ll expand on these steps and give more details. For now, here’s an overview of some...

Dylan Wooters | Nov 10

The Happy Path: An Interview with Design Strategist & Gallerist Kelani Nichole

Kelani Nichole is a digital strategist who is also a contemporary art gallerist. Or maybe vice versa.

She works with the Theresa Neil Strategy + Design agency, doing user-centered design research for (mostly) big products at big companies. Her gallery...

Liz Flyntz | Nov 9
Development   Design   UI/UX  

Poor Man's Linux Remote Desktop Using VNC Server

Even the most hardcore Linux hackers want to run GUI applications sometimes. The problem is how do you do that with Linux when it's running on a remote server with no access to the console?

Remote Desktop is a built-in feature of Windows Server that...

Ed Huott | Jul 21

Free Encryption for All, In Our Time

The commodification of encryption algorithms happened in the 1990s. The conversation prior to this event was rife with controversy. Here are some paraphrased FAQs from the era:

"If encryption is free how will national security continue to be assured...

Lee Azzarello | Jun 27
Encryption   Development  

Why We Gave Up The Ghost

At the beginning of this year, we decided that Series Digital needed a blog, and we looked around to figure out what our options were. We landed on Ghost, a popular blogging platform.

We really like Ghost. It's great. But after working with it for...

Jon Allen | Jun 8
UI/UX   Design  

Talking UI/UX with Trey McKay - Part 2

Liz Flyntz: What are your preferred tools for producing deliverables? What are some tools you would like to try?

Trey McKay: The deliverables themselves, and the tools with which to create them, are heavily context-dependent. Meaning that different...

Liz Flyntz | Jun 7
UI/UX   Design  

Talking UI/UX with Trey McKay - Part 1

Trey McKay was kind enough to let me ask him a bunch of questions. Trey’s an Interaction Designer at Shapeways, which is a global 3D printing service and marketplace.

Trey focusses on designing and building experiences for turning 3D designs into...

Liz Flyntz | May 16
UI/UX   Design  

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