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By bringing full-stack technical expertise to your project, we build software that makes your business more efficient and your life easier. We begin by gaining a thorough understanding of your operations, personnel, and industry, then develop custom-built software to streamline existing processes and to open up new possibilities. Client consultation is the foundation of our process.

To help bring Springs to market, we created a brand, an innovative marketing site, including a pricing calculator and custom information graphics that allow the user to predict the saving benefits of using Springs.io.

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Our client, a busy outpatient clinic, sought to create several inter-locking systems to optimize operations. The software needed to reduce bottlenecks and ensure that clinicians had the relevant information at their fingertips (or the nearest screen). The system has been so effective, our client is bringing it to market.

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For TRA (Tenant Risk Assessment) we created a custom software application which allows TRA to produce and securely deliver reports on the creditworthiness of potential commercial real estate deals.

We built software to mirror every business process for this financial services firm. To address regulatory shifts, we also created and integrated a full-blown compliance infrastructure.

For more than 7 years, Series Digital has built software to aid the growth of our business. Their support and dedication have helped to develop a platform that has supported our growth without interruption since inception.

Chip Emery, CEO & Founder
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