Enterprise Security

We provide real, verifiable security for our clients.

Risk Assessment and Assurance

Ensuring the security and availability of technology systems and the privacy of data is critical. Yet the challenges have never been greater. Increasing reliance on networked computers and software entails greater vulnerability.

Information security means protecting computers, software, or any information system from theft, damage, or disruption no matter the cause. Security means protection from natural disasters, as well as bad actors.

We help organizations harden their infrastructure and software applications.

The security and risk assessment services offered by Series Digital provide assurance and safety. We can help your organization:

  • Identify, understand, and address its infrastructure security risks.
  • Develop a plan to protect your infrastructure, systems and data; respond to threats, and plan for continuous improvement.
  • Deploy a monitoring and automated recovery system.

Security Review

To get things started, we review and audit your business’ hardware & network infrastructure, software, and personnel, including password management practices.

Depending on the nature of your organization and size, Series Digital can conduct an audit in as little as three days and deliver findings in two weeks.